It's simple - Empowerment not Entitlement!

In recent years, we've been told that in order to win elections, we need to reach out with a watered down, patronizing platform to communities our opponents historically take for granted. But we can't just throw our Conservative Values out the window to win elections. More importantly, many members of those target communities are Conservative and, like us, are also frustrated with the way our country is heading.  They just need to hear a positive message.

Well, we believe that the Republican Party is the Party of Optimists - the Party that believes that if you give folks a chance, people will find Success rather than be doomed to a life of failure!

We believe government should help the governed to succeed, not simply help the governed.

This is summed up in 3 simple words: Empowerment, not Entitlement! Our outreach is focused on bringing this positive message of Empowerment to those disaffected and disillusioned citizens tired of hearing our opponents with their empty promises and our candidates who solely run as anti-this or anti-that. By engaging and welcoming women, minorities, youth and other traditionally neglected groups with a positive CONSERVATIVE platform, we are growing our Party and building a sustainable base for the future.

To help candidates that share our core platform of personal responsibility and our vision of a smaller, smarter government that empowers individuals to find success, we raise funds and assist those campaigns that need it.

To contribute, please use the "Donations" box below, send us an e-mail (, drop us a line to our PO Box, or give us a call.